Slip into something a little more comfortable with Silk and More…

Add some decadence to your decor and luxury to your lifestyle with Silk & More’s quality silk bed linen, bamboo bed linen and silk accessories.

What is more blissful than falling asleep under the superior smoothness and stylish comfort of silk bed linen? Silk and More stocks a range of exquisite silk products for your home or boutique accommodation – including silk sheets, silk duvets and silk pillowcases – that you can easily purchase through our online store.

Because it is a natural product, our bodies respond better to sleeping in silk linen compared to other synthetic materials. With its light, warm and breathable fabric, natural silk linen helps us achieve the deeper and better quality sleep each night that we all need. In particular, silk bed linen is a healthier choice for allergy sufferers – silk sheets are naturally hypoallergenic as dust mites are unable to survive in the material, so are the perfect option for anyone suffering from dust related allergies.

Our carefully selected range of bed linen provides the soft, smooth comfort of silk, with all the warmth and durability of traditional bed linen materials. Choose from our range of beautiful silk bed linen and experience the incomparable comfort of silk for yourself. Silk duvets and bed linen are also the perfect gift idea for anyone who enjoys a little luxury in their life.